Our Winegrower’s Dream

All of us dream. Some dreams are momentary, while others can become transformed into reality. Many of us are on a life journey whose trajectory and slope leave little time to turn dreams into reality. The adventure that Christine and I took to become winegrowers began in the early 1980s. Newly married, we took a number of trips to Napa Valley, followed years later by trips to vineyards in Oregon, Italy and France.With passion and through sheer determination we have transformed our subconscious winegrower’s dream to live on a vineyard into reality.We have learned that a wine growing estate is not just about wine, vineyards or terroir; importantly it is about community, family and friends. Our path has led us into a new community of friends, many of them founders of the Ontario wine industry:Donald Ziraldo,Don Triggs, Martin Malivoire and Len Pennachetti, to name a few.The founders group have  been enriched with the addition of  a new breed of winery owners such as  Norm Beal, Harald Thiel, Nicolette Novak and Jim and John Young.This community has been very supportive and helpful as we transition from growers to producers.And so,our adventure continues and now includes a vibrant and robust interconnection between family, old friends, our new community and the crafting of ultra premium,cool climate Ontario wines.It is an interesting chapter in our winegrowers’ dream.