Excellence Awards : Photo Finish

 By Tom Polischuk                                                                                                          August 2012

This year’s Excellence Awards competition was tough. It started out that way and got tougher and tougher as the day went on. The overall quality of the entries was fantastic and led to very close contests for first-place honors in many categories. One of the first categories to be judged wasn’t resolved until the end of the day and was the source of much discussion and “loop analysis” throughout the day.

The superior quality of the first-place entries culminated in a difficult selection process for Best of Show honors. After”nitpicking” all day, the judges, Peter Menzian, DuPont; Joe Hamway, Mark Andy; and Bob Waddington, Nazdar, had to work even harder to find flaws with in the finalists. The four finalists included: Rennie Estate Winery, by ASL Print FX.


Rennie Estate Winery was described as “beautiful, artistic.